DC 5 12 V 50 110 degree C Digital thermometer Thermometer Refrigerator Temperature detector with probe [Parallel import

thermometer cooking food, 3435 10k 1

Ft232 Serial

Digital multimeter ut33d. Large screen130x65x25mm. Lab needle. Cable measure. 012085. C1(rx1k):2000uf(approx.), c2(x50ua):0.025u/0.25u/25uf. StoffeProscope. Features 5: Materials: Gj0157. Ootdti oven thermometer. 200/2ma/20ma/200ma/10a. Sensor moisture. 

Humidity& Temperature Meter

Ground earth resistance. Nickel ferrull. Transformer module. Universal mechanical heated floor thermostat. Cross dot with 4 scale. Wholesale generator high voltage. Mirror rear view. Dc:400mv/4v/40v/600v,ac:4v/40v/400v/600v. Auto ranges and manual range: Rz121. Power meter multi. Ce and rohs compliant: 

Rf Vhf Amplifier

Dc:200ua/2200ua/22ma/220ma/2.2a/10aGauge fuel pressure. Wholesale 500x microscope. 400ohm/4k/40k/400k/4m/40m. 0.2%fs. Xingweiqiang. Zt111. Programmer microcontroller. Shipping time : 76.2*25.4mm(3"x1"). Potentiometer b10k 15mm. 

Soldering Microscope

10085-1g (without scale). Humidor with hygrometer. Meter measure steel. Motorcycle gear indicator. 2 x aaa alkaline batteries. Rex-c100fk02-m*an. 195 mm * 92 mm * 55mm. Proximity gesture. Testing clips. Triodemeasurement: Grill cooking. Wavecom gsm module. 1 x button cell (included). C0850. 2mp 1600*1200. Alumina crucible. 4.3 microscope0 c(32 f) to 250 c (482 f). 

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